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Best Self-Care PLR for Bloggers

Everyone needs to learn more about how to practice self-care. Self-care is and will always be a hot topic to discuss with your readers. That is why I have made a list of the best self-care PLR for you to easily, quickly, and efficiently publish self-care content for your audience. 

There are affiliate links in this article, which means if you purchase from any of the links I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

What is PLR? 

Chances are that if you are on this page, you already know what PLR stands for. If not, here is a brief introduction to PLR. 

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. What it means is that it is sold to an unlimited amount of people. In order to not have duplicate blog posts or content, you MUST change it up in some way before publishing on your site.

Many bloggers use PLR articles as an outline or research for what they want to write about. It helps them to quickly write their article in their tone without having to look everything up. 

Other bloggers prefer to combine articles, especially self-care PLR to create ebooks to sell or give away to their audiences. It is all up to you; just remember, you have to change it up before! 

Best Self-Care PLR 

Here are some of the best PLR I have found so far. This will include self-help PLR, PLR for health and wellness, and other mental health-related PLR I have found. 

1. Self-Care Articles 

Here are some self-care PLR articles that I have written, along with other great content I have found from other websites as well. 

Self-Care PLR Bundle 

PLR bundles are a great way to save money and everything you want! Bundles are great as they are written in a way to easily interlink your articles together. 

This bundle comes with 7 articles: 

  • How to Find Self Care Ideas for Moms That Actually Work
  • 36 Self Care Ideas for Moms That Take Less Than 10 Minutes
  • How to Take Care of Your Mental Health as a Mom
  • Spiritual Self-Care Ideas
  • Physical Self-Care Ideas
  • How to Create a Self-Care Kit
  • Best Self-Care Gifts

This self-care PLR bundle costs $30, saving you $12 if you were to purchase them separately. 

How to Find Self-Care Ideas for Moms That Actually Work

1000+ word article all about how moms can still take time for self-care even though they are incredibly busy. 

This article will teach moms that self-care isn’t just about soaking in the bath or getting a massage.

Grab this for only $5. 

36 Self Care Ideas for Moms That Take Less Than 10 Minutes

Moms will learn a huge list of 36 different self-care ideas that will take them less than 10 minutes. Create a freebie with this list and give it to your audience. Or, make a self-care challenge. 

This article is 1500+ words and is only $7. 

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health as a Mom

Written from my background in psychology, this article is powerful and over 1500 words. 

It helps moms to learn more about their mental health and gives simple ways to help them take better care of themselves emotionally. 

This article costs $10. 

Spiritual Self-Care Ideas

This is a list article with a variety of different spiritual self-care ideas for your audience. Self-care is not only mental or physical, this helps to expand their self-care practices! 

These ideas are not faith-based either. 

It has over 1000 words and is only $5. 

Physical Self-Care Ideas

You will find a list of all the best physical self-care activities that anyone can easily do during their day. This list helps your audience change up their self-care routine. 

It is 1000+ words and only $5. 

How to Create a Self-Care Kit

What is a self-care kit, what goes inside, and how do you make one? Learn all about self-care kits in this 1000+ words article! 

It only costs $5. 

Best Self-Care Gifts

Use this list for an affiliate article with all the best self-care gifts to give someone, or yourself. 

This article is 1000+ words and is $5. 

30-Days of Self-Care Ideas for Moms

This article is written in a way to help you easily put together a self-care challenge for your audience that will last for a month. 

It is over 1500 words and only $7. 

30-Days of Self-Love Ideas for Moms

Similarly, this is a 30-day self-love challenge for moms with great ideas to help them love themselves more fully. 

While it is very similar, these two 30-day articles are distinctly different, so you can use both for your audience. 

It has over 2000 words and is $10. 

How to Develop Self-Compassion through Mindfulness and Meditation

Through meditation, you can have more self-compassion, which, in turn, helps you take better care of yourself mentally and spiritually. 

It has 1000 words and will help your audience with some exercises to help them develop greater self-compassion. 

Get this article for only $3! 

5 Simple Steps to Reduce Stress in Just 5 Minutes

This article is only $3 as well and is over 1000 words. 

It gives 5 amazing self-care ideas that will help lower your audience’s stress and help them live more fulfilling lives. 

5 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

This is a great, simple article to help your audience easily improve their mental health with 5 easy tips. 

It is 990 words and only $3. 

Types of Self-Care 

Grab this article and link to the other physical and spiritual self-care ideas too! This teaches your audience the other areas of self-care that they need to practice as well. 

It is 1300+ words and only $3. Use KATE for 10% off your purchase. 

Self-Care Bundle 1

This bundle has five articles:

  • Self-Care Ideas For When You Can’t Leave The House
  • Self-Care Activities To Do When You Feel Bored
  • How To Create a Lazy Self-Care Routine
  • The Ultimate Guide To an Indoors Self-Care Day
  • Reasons Journaling Every Day Should Be Your Goal For 2022

Each article has at least 800 words and the entire bundle is only $10. You can purchase each article separately as well.

Self-Care Bundle 2

This bundle has five articles:

  • 7 Morning Self-Care Ideas To Set The Day Up For Success
  • 7 Evening Self-Care Ideas For a Productive Next Day
  • 7 Self-Care Practices That Will Change Your Life
  • How To Improve Your Relationship With Yourself
  • 7 Self-Care Sunday Ideas

Each article has at least 800 words and the entire bundle is only $10. You can purchase each article separately as well.

Self-Care Bundle 3

This bundle has five articles:

  • 6 Types of Self-Care (And How To Practice Them)
  • How To Spend Time Alone (And Love It)
  • How To Practice Self-Care Even When You’re Super Busy
  • 7 Self-Care Ideas For When You’re Having a Bad Day
  • Ways To Take Better Care Of Yourself

Each article has at least 800 words and the entire bundle is only $10. You can purchase each article separately as well.

2. Self-Care Digital Products 

PLR digital products are a great way to easily whip something up for your audience, without having to come up with yourself or if you aren’t big on designing something. 

Here are some great self-care digital products below. 

Self-Care Keyword Ideas

If you prefer to write the articles yourself, save yourself time and grab these self-care keyword ideas! 

It has over 200 lower competition keywords so you can easily choose the one you want to write about and then quickly get it ranking on Google. 

This bundle also comes with 2 SEO-optimized checklists, and a self-care checklist too! 

This product costs $12. 

Self-Care Checklist

This cute checklist is a 3-page Canva template that has 6 areas of self-care: basic, physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and financial to focus on. 

Easily edit, and add different self-care ideas for your audience and publish them to your site! You can sell or give it away as a freebie.

This self-care checklist only costs $5! 

PLR Wall Affirmation Art

If you are too busy and don’t have time to do a self-care activity, sometimes just saying some affirmations is enough to get you through the day. 

Grab this wall affirmation art and quickly change the mantras or colors to give to your audience for only $3. 

Gratitude Journal

Writing in your journal is so therapeutic, especially if it is about positive things! Give your audience this gratitude journal to help them focus on the good things in life all year long, not just on Thanksgiving! 

This journal costs $10. 

40 Affirmation Card Deck

These are some of the most gorgeous affirmation cards that I’ve ever seen! Choose from a few different formats based on your preference: 

  • Powerpoint
  • PDF (editable with a Free Canva account)
  • AI (editable with Adobe Illustrator or Photopea)
  • aPub (Affinity Publisher)

This card deck costs $27. 

31 Days Self-Care Motivational Prompt Journal

This journal has 31 different prompts to help you learn to take better care of yourself. 

This self-care plr digital product cost $27. 

Self-Care Planner

This is one of the best self-care planners I have seen! Easily change it up to fit with your blog and sell to your audience. 

It has 22 pages and comes in 3 different template formats. From symptom tracker to self-care plan, vision board, meal planning, and mood tracker, this planner has it all! 

Grab your own self-care planner today for only $39. 

I will keep updating this list as I find more incredible self-care PLR articles and products. 

Grab any of these and quickly upload them to your website today!