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How to Rewrite PLR Articles Fast

Are you stuck when it comes to writing sometimes? Whether you have no ideas or too many ideas, it can be hard to sit down and write an article from time to time for your blog. 

PLR articles are amazing resources to help you get good quality content on your website for your audience fast! 

Here is your ultimate guide on how to rewrite PLR articles fast! This will help you quickly build up your new website or existing blog. 

What is PLR? 

PLR stands for private label rights. Usually, this means that the product will be sold an unlimited amount of times to anyone. It is very similar to White Label Rights and Done for You Content. 

It is part of the master resell rights. People will create articles and products for people to quickly make content for themselves. 

Are PLR articles a good idea? 

PLR content is a great idea! You have to find good quality PLR, and then you can quickly add articles and other great digital products to your store. It’s a great asset for bloggers. 

What can I do with PLR articles? 

You can use PLR articles for so many things! Here are a few ideas: 

  • Social media content 
  • Articles for your blog 
  • Journals 
  • Ebooks 
  • Planners 
  • And more! 

Why do I need to rewrite PLR articles in the first place? 

PLR articles are good guides, but you should rewrite them in your tone and writing format to stay consistent with your blog. It is also important to change things up so you don’t post the same article as someone else. 

Is there a tool that allows me to rewrite plr articles quickly? 

You can quickly rewrite articles with AI writing tools! Rytr and Jasper are great ones to help you out. 

How to Rewrite PLR Articles Fast

Rewriting plr does not have to be a long or difficult process. Here is your ultimate guide on how to rewrite PLR articles fast and efficiently for your business to grow! 

Choose a New Keyword

Find a keyword you can rank for that is related to the topic. There are countless keywords you can use, so choose one that is unique to your blog and change up the post to include your new keyword. 

There are so many great keywords that are very similar. You can easily choose a new one that is reworded differently and then do CTRL F and replace the keyword in the PLR article! 

Change the Title 

It is probably never a good idea to keep the same title unless it fits perfectly with what you needed. Changing the title helps to keep your content fresh and unique. 

If a PLR has 15 calming activities, list 15 more to have 30 total. Add or take away items in your list PLR article to easily change the title. 

Choose a new title that has your new keyword too. 

Change the Intro and Conclusion 

I usually always delete the introduction and conclusion of every PLR  article I buy because I like my own writing style to show immediately. 

It’s always a good idea to set your tone in your intro and to sign off on your conclusion so make sure you rewrite at least those two paragraphs. 

Add in or take away from these two paragraphs for an easy way to rewrite your PLR articles quickly. 

Add Examples 

Another super-easy way to rewrite PLR articles fast is by adding in examples in each section. This will help set your blog post apart for everyone else because your examples and life experiences are unique to you! 

Add in Related Products and Articles 

Don’t forget to add related products that you sell and interlink to your other posts that are related to the topic too. 

This is a great way to easily change how many items you are writing about as you add in ones that you can already link to throughout your other posts. It may not seem like much, but it makes a huge difference! 

Work Paragraph by Paragraph

This tip is probably the easiest way to change the PLR content you purchase. First, read through the entire article, then, when you are ready to rewrite, work by paragraphs. 

It is super easy to rewrite sentences at a time to create a paragraph. Change up a few words, put your own spin on it, and soon enough, the entire article will be rewritten and ready to publish! 

Use AI Rewriting Tool 

PLR rewriting is super easy and fast with an AI rewriting tool. Here are two that I’ve tried and recommend. 


Jasper is one of the best AI writing tools you will ever get. It does literally everything and can save you so much time! 

It helps with writer’s block and quickly rewrites the content you already purchased. It helps with SEO and is very efficient. 

Using this link gives you 10,000 words to try for free to see how you like it! 

There are a few different pricing tiers depending on what you need. 


Rytr is a more budget-friendly option. It does the job, but nothing like Jasper. 

It has a rewrite function that will quickly change up the words. Like any AI tool, you will need to double-check the work, because it can mess up at times. 

What I like about this one is that there is a free version and you only pay if you run out of words! You can also do the unlimited plan for a monthly or yearly fee. 

It takes a lot to use up the free count though! 

These are the best tips on how to rewrite plr content! It does not have to take long at all. Using these tips will save you lots of time and money and will change your life forever.